Arduino Otto – build your own robot in two hours

Arduino Otto robot is very cute and your children will like it.

Try to build your own robot!!
Original source code and how to build it is as follows.

Source code :

Otto original site :
1. : Otto robot Otto DIY +

Otto – build your own robot in one hour!
2. : Otto robot
3. Korean Otto robot blog




HC-06 and AT-09 BLE module with the Arduino

AT-09 module

1. Using the AT-09 BLE module with the Arduino

2. HC-06 Bluetooth module datasheet and configuration with Arduino


These are my 4WD, 2WD car, Tank and Frog Robots. These can be made by using my tutorial.

If you want to make 4WD, 2WD car and Tank for your children, refer below link. In case of Tank, it is similar to 4WD and 2WD car.

If you want to make Frog robot for your children, refer below link.


[ARDUINO Nano]How To Make Frog Robot with Arduino Nano & Obstacle Avoidance

1.S/W Instruction
1) Access
2) Download Arduino IDE 1.7.8
3) Install it
4) Access
5) Download arduino_frog_robot.ino in
6) Tool > Board > Arduino Nano
7) Sketch > Compile (or Ctr+ R)
8) Compiling will be successful
9) Connect usb cable to arduino and upload program
2. How To Make Frog Robot with Aruino Nano (Obstacle Avoidance)

[ARDUINO+Smart Robot Car]How To Make Smart Robot Car With Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Mega (IR RC + Bluetooth RC + Obstacle Avoidance + Line Tracking)


1. S/W Instruction
1) Access
2)Download Arduino IDE 1.7.8
3)Install it
5)Download smart robot car source code file – four_in_one_demo_mod_fix_xxx.ino in

6)Download IR library in
7)Download MsTimer2 Library in ->
8)Go to C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries
9)Copy library zip files and to C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries
10)Rename RobotIRremote folder name as RobotIRremote_backupAccess folder name
11)Run Arduino IDE 1.7.8
12)Load four_in_one_demo_mod_fix_xxx.ino
13)Sketch > Library > Add Library > Select and
14)Sketch > Compile or Ctr+ R
15)Compiling will be successful
16)Connect usb cable to arduino and upload program

2. Guide and Demo
– How To Make Smart Robot Car With Arduino Uno R3 – IR RC + Bluetooth RC + Obstacle Avoidance + Line Tracking : It is very useful guide and demo.

– Avoiding obstacles 

– Black line tracking

3. Source Code Fix History
Refer to the attachment if you need aduino source code to be used in the demo.

1) V0.1
 Initial version
 Have a good day with your child. :)
2) V0.2
 - Added configuration depending on arduino uno board connection
 - Fixed black line tracking
 - Added function description
3) V0.3
 - Removed unused codes
 - Added configuration and library
 - Fixed infrared command and bluetooth command
4) 0.4
 - Added and fixed obstacle avoidance seneor(KY-032)
 - Changed small codes

#define OBSTACLE_AVOIDANCE_LEFT_SENSOR_PIN      A3    //obstacle avoidance left sensor pin
#define OBSTACLE_AVOIDANCE_RIGHT_SENSOR_PIN     A4    //obstacle avoidance right sensor pin
5) V0.5 : 2017-03-10
 - Added HC-06 bluetooth configuration writing test code
 - Fixed speed control and update
 - Fixed bluetooth command control bug
 - Added M2839 DC MOTOR control for my tank.
 - OBSTACLE_AVOIDANCE_DISTANCE_THRESHOLD value is changed regarding my board.
   But this value can be changed depending on your board
 - Fixed automatic obstacle avoidance
 - Added HC06_bluetooth_config.ino code for changing HC-06 bluetooth baud rate 
   from default 9600 to 115200


[ARDUINO + Smart Robot Car]HOW TO Assemble ARDUINO Smart 4WD Car

주문한지 2주후 ARDUINO SMART 4WD CAR 가 도착했네요.


ARDUINO SMART 4WD CAR 를 조립할때 드라이버, Glue Gun 이 필요합니다. 에서 구입해서 조립하다보면 나사가 몇개 없는 경우가 있습니다. 그러나 한국에서 구입한 경우는 조립하는데 필요한 내용물이 잘 들어 있는 듯하네요. 에서 구입하면 조립설명서는 따로 오지 않으니 조립하실때는 아래한국인은 을 이용하세요.

1. GamePlusEdu
 : How to assemble aruino smart car : It is Korean version.
2. Start Kit E-Book
 : It can be helpful for assembly.
3. How to assemble 2WD CAR and Examples

4. Ks0192 keyestudio 4WD Bluetooth Multi-functional Car
2) PDF Download:
3) Get the libraries of IRremote LiquidCrystal_I2C Wire:
4) Download the APP of Bluetooth control:
5) All Codes of Project:



[ARDUINO + Smart Robot Car]How to Buy Arduino Smart Robot 4WD Car

재밌게 Arduino (를 시작해 볼려면 실물이 있어야 재미있는법… 그런데 어디가면 살 수 있을까 궁금한 분들을 위해서 이 글을 작성합니다.

http://www.aliexpress.com 에 가셔서 arduino car 4wd, 아두이노 스마트카 라고 검색하면 됩니다.

aliexpress.com가 한국 web 장터보다 가격이 싸나 배송기간은 약 2주정도 예상해야 합니다.